Where to Pick Up and Date Girls in Manila?

Best Places to Meet Girls:

As mentioned previously, try and meet women, approach them at public places that make them feel safe. This is extremely important as the women are defensive when strangers approach them randomly on the street. Now, this is not an uncommon practice, but it is a slightly less efficient one.

If you aim to have sex and hook up with the women in Manila, the best place to approach them is the shopping mall. These malls naturally attract women due to their safety, host of shopping options, and numerous dining and entertainment choices.

If you approach a woman at a mall during the daytime she shall be extremely friendly, you also have the added advantage of taking her out for a coffee or a drink there itself. The woman shall most definitely share her number with you and you are pretty much guaranteed a second date. Some of the best Shopping malls to visit, to find and interact with horny girls are listed below:

  • Century City
  • Green Belt
  • Glorietta
  • Power Plant
  • SM Makati

The malls SM Makati, Green Belt, and Glorietta are all located in the same neighborhood and together it comprises a shopping district. There is a good chance to pick up women here but one must be careful in towards the late evening as there are prostitutes working near a local club called Club Havana, in the very same area. One must try and confirm before hitting on these women.

Tips for Nighttime:

For those who believed that the pickup game during the daytime was great must really experience the pickup game at night-time. It is twice as better, most of the women in Manila are ready to go out on dates or to party irrespective of which day it is. The weekdays are as happening as the weekends. The women are also immensely fond of tourists and men of foreign origin, so if you are of the type women like, you shall not even need to break a sweat while flirting with them.

The women are extremely open, you can directly approach them and speak to the point. If you want to have sex with them, mention it within the first ten minutes of the conversation and there are great chances of her obliging. A few tips that men must follow in order to effectively pick up women is, make sure you dress well and even if you do not have a lot of money, try to show off a little.

Women in Manila are easily swooned, even if it means showing a few hundred dollars. Also, remember that the traffic in Manila is horrible and it is highly recommended that you book a hotel room close to the venue of your game for the at night. This shall not only save you cab fare and travel time, but it shall also encourage most of the women to head back to your place for a night of wild sex with minimum persuasion.

How are my changes of hooking up at nighttime:

The chances of hooking up during the night time are really bright because even if you don’t put your back into it, women shall make the effort of connecting with you. This is justified by the above rating.

Best Nightclubs to Meet Girls:

The city of Manila is the capital of the Philippines and there is no doubt that the nightlife here is the best in the country. But what is more important is the fact that the nightlife scene to pick up girls specifically is pretty amazing.

The most favorite activity of the women here be singing and dancing, so one can visit a wild nightclub which has loud music and here, getting drunk would be the best activity. If you are good at hooking up with women at bars or clubs in other countries you should be the best in Manila.

The best clubs of the city are located in The Fort (Bonifacio Global City/BGC.) The area is one of the most expensive areas of the city and renting a room at a hotel will cost a bit more but worth it nonetheless. In The Fort area, you shall find some of the sexiest ladies of the country.

They are aware of their good looks and contrary to the friendly nature of the Filipinas they may just blow you off rudely, do not take this to heart and move on to the next woman. Apart from these places, some of the most popular nightclubs which a tourist can visit to get laid as soon as possible are listed below:

Nightclubs & Pick Up Bars:

We will break this down into different nightlife areas. Currently some of the hottest clubs in The Fort for hooking up are:

Remember that when you are researching where to go in this city The Fort, Bonifacio Global City and BGC are all different ways to refer to the same place. These clubs turn over all the time, if these names aren’t the same when you arrive just go to The Palace in BGC and you will find good nightlife for singles at whichever new club has taken over.

Makati is located nearby and is another good place to party, though there aren’t as many clubs here. There are some more local style pick up bars, but you probably will want to stick to venues like:

It definitely needs to be pointed out that Makati is a major area for sexpats and  freelance prostitutes to meet. We will get more into this later, but if you pick up a girl in Makati do not be surprised if she wants to get paid at some point if you do hook up.

Quezon City is another great area for nightlife and to meet Manila girls. Plus it is a bit outside of the city where most foreign men don’t go. That means you will stand out, and that there are probably less hookers around.

If you are staying in The Fort or Makati it can be a bit of a pain to get to, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t worth checking out. Some of the current best Quezon City clubs are:

A few more nightclubs around town that you may want to visit are:

There is a very good nightclub scene here, but finding good pick up bars in Manila isn’t as easy. A few more casual places to meet girls would be:

  • House at Resorts World Casino in Pasay
  • Chaos at City Of Dreams Manila in Paranaque

City of Dreams:

  • Exklusiv at 1917 Adriatico St in Malate
  • Jardin Gardens at Resorts World Casino in Pasay
  • Yes Please on 38th St. Uptown &11th Ave in BGC
  • Finders Keepers on Sabio St in Makati


  • Prime Upscale Club at 1009 Tomas Morato Avenue
  • Vanity at 212 Tomas Morato Ave – Vanity Club
  • Guilly’s at 27 Tomas Morato Ave – Guilly’s Club
  • Royal at 5343 St., General Luna
  • Time at 7840 Makati Ave
  • Black Market at 2723 Sabio St
  • Haze on 26th St
  • Private Luxury Club at the corner of 7th & 28th St
  • Palace Pool Club at 9th Avenue on 36th St Corner
  • Revel at 11th Ave on the corner of 38th St
  • Valkyrie at 36 9th Avenue

Nightlife in general:

The nightlife in the city of Manila is exceptional, The clubs have an electrifying atmosphere, and all the essentials, namely, loud music, lots of alcohol, and drunk horny women. The above rating justifies the nightlife in Manila, Philippines.Manila by Night

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