How to find a sincere Filipina?

Which does not - means, that this post is incomplete!! But will be soon, thank you for your patience!! 

  1. Where to start your search.
  2. What to notice about her
  3. Check everything about here profile. Make sure that all information is up to date. Like her age. Her name. The pictures and her about me test, add up.
  4. Her profile on a dating site.
  5. Before you contact her!
  6. Don’t contact women, who haven’t complete their profile. Profiles with only 1 – 3 pictures and no about me text or just a few lines. Because the less incomplete their profiles are, the bigger change that she is not really sincere/serious and she could even be, a scammer or just looking for hard cash. Read more… Why filipino women marry for money!
which does not.........................

So If you are a single man, have been married, have kids and now you are all alone and looking for a partner. Then there is probability, that you will take the first one! Who shows’ interest in you and very soon. You’ll be trapped and more or less in love. If this is the first time.

Then don’t get married right away. Take the time to get to know her. Because they seem very welcoming and lovely to start with. But looks are not everything. Many of these women have a mind, you could compare with a child’s mind. So if you want to find a woman, that you can actually talk with.

Then try to test her and get her talk about, live itself. Such as feelings, her past and her point of view. Topic’s you would normally talk about.

You could talk about things. That will make her react or even upset her. Just to see, if she have control herself and her feelings and doesn’t get annoyed. When or if you disagree or have a argument.


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