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Our Concept!

Our concept is to provide you with the option, to book and to arrange a meeting/date with one of our ladies. You can call our concept, instant dating or speed dating. You just find the lady you prefer, on the Booking Page and book her for a date.

Instead of normal dating:

Instead of normal dating, where you find a profile/member and chat/send messages to each other and thereby, get to know each other. Boring and time consuming and you properly want to know right away, if the women you’re dating? Have a young and sexy body! Luckily, you have this option here! Namely, to view her body and see a bit more, that you usual would see. Compared to a normal Dating Site.

So when you book one of our outstanding ladies, you have 6 Hours, to get to know her! If you don’t like her, then at least you had the privilege of knowing one of our beautiful and sexy ladies. You’re always welcome, to find and book another woman. Please read: Important Information!

So find and book her, meet her and try her first and then maybe, love her later:

In addition, date her, have sex with her and discover, if she’s the one for you. Just remember, there are no obligations included. If she isn’t the one for you. Then just say goodbye and send her home. In a nice and fashionable way! Either way, you both are an experience richer and hopefully had, a day to remember!

Filipina Escort Agency, will help you find your Favorite Lady and meet her, at your Location:

Filipina Escort Agency will help you find the hottest ladies in Manila. In addition to various purposes, business meetings, trips abroad, vacations, sex or anything you wish. What do most men dream about, when they are abroad or on a business trip? There is always one little piece missing. Namely a beautiful, sexy and young lady, from the Philippines. Our ladies only have one goal in mind, to please and satisfy you and make it a night to remember and she will certainly, make your dreams come true!

Therefore our exclusive agency:

Therefore our exclusive agency, has a unique offer for you, ($500 for 6 hours). So if you are searching for a beautiful women, from the Philippines? With a young and sexy body, for some fun, sex or to accompany you, on a night in the city, on your vacation or at a business event.

Then you definitely need, to book one of our Ladies, today! We guarantee our clients complete anonymity and confidentiality! Therefore, all customer information is confidential and are only accessible by our agency. So when you’re making a booking and we’re processing it. We guarantee a 100% secure and safe process and that your information, will not be shared with third parties. So if you’re already ready, to book one our outstanding ladies. Please proceed to the Booking form!
Please also read the members Terms & Conditions.

So if you found the right Lady already:

So if you found the right Lady already, then don’t waste your time. Make the Booking right now and look forward to spend your very night, in her arms. Rest assured, you’ll get pleasantly satisfaction, with our quality service. Each one of our Ladies is so much more, than just beautiful and attractive women! We choose only the best women and instruct them, in how to behave in todays modern world of Escort.

So they can be feminine, smart, have the highest communicative skills and be as pleasant to talk to, as they are to have sex with.  In other words, you don’t just meet women, like the ones working the streets. No, our exclusive escort Ladies are special ladies, for special men, namely gentleman! Filipina Escort Agency is the place, where your dreams comes true.

Have you found your Favorite Lady and you want to meet her, at your Location!

Then you should Book some quality time, with one of our beautiful young ladies.
They are willing to accompany and please you, while you’re in Manila. For example, you can bring her to a party, to an event, on a social trip and share, your bed with!

Because, there are many options and that’s entirely up to yourself and your inner fantasy! But please remember, to be a Gentleman always. Therefore always bring good manners, be polite, respect her and be accommodating.

Beautiful, sexy and young Philippine Ladies. Are waiting to meet you, when you are?

The Lady will fulfill your innermost desires:

The Lady will fulfill your innermost desires and give you an unforgettable night. Please respect her limitations and treat her like a Lady. Inquire first, because it’s entirely, the Lady’s own decision. The Lady will follow you, wherever you go, as long as it is, inside Metropolitan Manila. Which is the National Capital Region of the Philippines!

Google Map – Metro Manila region:

1. Important Information:

It’s not forbidden to fall in love with the lady or ask them, to give them their email or phone number. Because, these women are also looking for a long term relationship, that could even lead to marriages. If that is the casa, then we’ll of course need some compensation! For replacing and finding a new Lady. (transaction cost is $1000)

So if you are a Gentleman, seeking a young, sexy and lovely Lady, from the Philippines and want to meet her and share some quality time with, and thereby get a wonderful and unforgettable day! Then you should Book Now!

2. Instance booking:

Instance booking means, that you can book any time or any time during the day. However, due to the different time zones and the location of the administration office, which is not located in Manila and therefor it’s possible. That no administration member, will be online, at the booking time. But be assure, that we’ll process your request, at quickly at possible!

3. Regarding Approvals, Pending Bookings:

Regarding approvals, pending booking and other request options. For instance, the client will receive an email notification every time a booking request has been made. You the client will therefore receive an email, after you have made a booking and furthermore, an email if your booking has been approved.

So please be patient, regarding the process time. That depends on your location, your browser, mailing system and the device your using. The booking process/time can therefore vary, from a few minutes, up to 24 hours!

4. Payments:

  • Pay on arrival (need to be approved) – payments details will be sent to your email address! You pay, when the lady arrives. Though a payment link. you have already receive, on a email
  • Pay with PayPal (instant payment/booking) – pay through your PayPal account or use your credit card – We accept: Visa, American Express, Mastercard, etc.
  • Regarding any questions, please Contact Us! and select Escort, on the dropdown menu!

5. If you have a Special Request:

If you have a special request or need to bring her, outside the region or other wishes! Then please send a Request and we will notify you. If it’s possible to accommodate your request! This of course depends on, which Lady you book. Some ladies have limitations! Most don’t. So always ask polite first and don’t do anything, that is not agreed!

6. Each Reservation are Included:

Each reservation, are included a 6 hours period! Which you can spend/share with the Lady.
Furthermore, the reservation time is divided, into 4 possible time selections, and start 00:00 am on the selected day/date and ends, the next day/date at 00:00 am.

7. Check if your Favorite Lady is Available:

Check if your favorite lady is available, by hovering the calendar! Follow the booking instructions or try it, without reading the instructions!
Because it’s actually very easy to use!

8. How to Book a Date / Make a Reservation?

Book your favorite lady and get maximum attention!
  1. Find your favorite Lady and remember her name! Because you have to select the lady. When you start filling out the Booking (information) Form!
  2. Find a available day on the calendar and make sure, that your Favorite Lady isn’t booked, by hovering the day.
  3. Double click on the preferred day/date.
  4. Choose multiply days. You can book her, for as many days as you want. Every day will cost ($500/$450) and will only lasts 6 hours per day! If you have a special request and want to spend a whole day with the Lady – (24 hours period, cost $1000). Then please Contact Us!
  5. Fill-in the required fields, on the Booking (information) Form!
  6. Payments Options: Pay on arrival (need to be approved) – payments details will be sent to your email address! Pay with PayPal (instant payment/booking)
  7. Accept & Agree, to the Terms & Conditions.
  8. Regarding any Questions, please Contact Us!
  9. What’s next! Oh yeah, enjoy and have a fantastic evening.

9. Gentleman always supports and respect he’s partner:

So how does a gentleman behave? Well, he always supports and respect he’s partner and never, forced her or tries to dominate her, and he will always, encourage her. For her ambitions and dreams. Gentleman understands, that women are as strong as themselves and they, will never have any problem, standing behind their partner. When support is required and gentleman, never leaves his partner behind, never puts her in a bad situation and never abandon her, without, at least saying goodbye.

10. Warning:

Should we receive any information regarding bad behaver or obscene conduct. Which well result in a restriction, and the client, will be banned from using our services!
In severe cases, which includes assault or sexual defamation. Will be reported to the local police, without any hesitation!

So please keep her safe, at all times, thank you!

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